为发展透明、安全、智能的合法数字资产金融交易;帮助数字资产在合规体系下快速流通,驱动实体经济发展。通过EPIPHANY体系的推广与使用,逐步减少数字资产中洗钱、非法融资等金融犯罪。 Assisting in the development of a transparent, secure, intelligent and compliant global trading network of digital assets. EPIPHANY aims to contribute to economic growth by increasing circulation of digital assets globally while abiding by all regulations. EPIPHANY’s features help to reduce financial crimes such as money laundering and illegal financing on a global scale.



成为全球一流的数字资产超级交易引擎平台。让每一个持牌机构能够快速基于EPIPHANY建立自己的数字资产交易体系;让每一个参与者都能够放心安全的交易;让每一个监管机构都能时时监控EPIPHANY的运作,达到公开透明可视化。 To become a first-rate global superior trading platform for digital assets; enabling licensed institutions to smoothly establish their own digital assets trading system within the EPIPHANY ecosystem; enabling each participant to trade with confidence and security; and enabling regulatory agencies to monitor EPIPHANY’s operations in real time to ensure openness, transparency, and compliance.


Features of EPIPHANY

  • 以用户资产安全为最高优先级 提供高频撮合交易,并不断提升并发承受力 Users’ assets security is one of our main priorities at EPIPHANY; front end and back end are separated. Assets are stored in cold wallet to ensure security.
    建立经纪机构体系,完成数字资产券商体系搭建,以机构参与数字资产交易 Establish a fair and transparent brokerage service system to allow all users, regardless of trading experience, to invest efficiently and with professional guidance. This brokerage system will also allow more institutes to participate in digital assets trading
    解决用户过去在数字资产跨平台交易中 所遇到的注册与交易障碍 Diversified portfolio of investment instruments, including digital assets indexes, smart-contract trading, and quant trading, and continuously developing financial derivatives for digital assets.
    交易方式多元化 包括指数期货数字资产、合约交易、量化交易 并持续开发数字资产金融衍生品 Resolving registration and trading difficulties faced by user during cross-platform trading.
    提供交易品种数据搜索, 在Epiphany提供跨平台套利交易服务。 使用者在Epiphany交易体系可查询数字资产 在全球热门持牌交易平台的即时价格, 并基于Epiphany的超级AI引擎完成价格排序, 快速完成最高价格买单与最低价格的卖单提示, 直接在Epiphany体系中完成跨平台交易 Providing multi-platform data search for variations on prices, and providing cross-platform arbitrage trading on EPIPHANY. The users can search for digital assets prices in real time on all mainstream licensed trading platforms.
    提供交易体系节点系统使用权, 任何获取数字资产交易的持牌机构 都可以基于Epiphany体系完成节点系统建立, 服务于不同国家地区或交易品种, 快速完成体系复制与扩张 Providing right to use node system of the trading system to rapidly complete copy and expansion of the ecosystem

    订阅邮件资讯 / 通讯

    Newsletter Sign Up


    Advantages of EPIPHANY



    专业团队24小时保障平台稳定运营 为用户提供安全、稳定、可靠的交易环境 Highly trained operation team - A professional team to guarantee stable operation of the platform round the clock, providing secure, stable and reliable trading environment for users



    超级AI大脑,使用人工智能程序使Epiphany系统能自动检测系统漏洞 实现智能优化 EPIPHANY’s Super AI enables the system to detect system loopholes and automatically implement intelligent optimizations. The Super Engine along with AI and the core database (trading data of digital asset projects on global trading systems) are adopted for information traceability, data mining and analysis



    完善的风控体系,交易前中后风控体系 全方位保障用户资产安全 Complete risk control system - Risk control is performed before, during and after trades to guarantee user asset security.



    严格的多方监管--引入券商机制,与金融监管机构 交易平台共同对交易资产以及数字资产进行多方审核 同时建立基于区块链的AML机制,保障每一位参与者的合法权益 Strict multi-party supervision - A multi-party check on transactions and digital asset will be performed by the platform with financial supervision authorities. At the same time, a separate AML mechanism is established to protect the legal rights and interests of each participant.


    Current Situation of Blockchain Trading Market


    Risks Involved

    For investors (exchange users) using centralized platforms, there are three main potential risks involved when trading digital assets:
    1. Coin stolen from (or by) the exchanges
    2. Frauds committed by the exchanges
    3. Trading controlled by the exchanges
    At EPIPHANY, we aim to bring transparency and fairness to the digital trading world. With very high quality standards and compliance with financial laws, we bring a much trustworthy exchange system for users, brokers and institutes.



    One issue at hand is that data and resources are often withheld by many trading platforms and are inaccessible to the common investor. It is a tedious and implausible process for a common investor to compare and contrast trading prices across multiple platforms


    Data Privacy

    In a decentralized blockchain, all information is stored in nodes and is publicly accessible. When it comes to sensitive and personal information, participants would want measures in place to keep them safe.
    • 交易市场乱象多 Insecure Market
    • 交易市场信息无法流通 Information Loopholes
    • 交易隐私泄露 Private Data Leakage
  • Epiphany将搭建交易生态体系
  • Epiphany will be constructed on Ecosystem
  • 同时生成Epiphany(EPN)权益凭证
  • EPIPHANY (EPN) holders enjoy the rights to
  • - 新的智能合约体系
  • - Participate, vote and contribute in EPIPHANY’s ecosystem
  • - 新的跨链协议、新的抗量子密码学、新的分布式存储协议、新的安全通讯协议等先进技术
  • - Preemptive right on promising projects in EPIPHANY’s ecosystem on the secondary market
  • - 打造新的交易生态
  • - Discounted rates to trade in EPIPHANY’s ecosystem
  • EPN是Epiphany体系的权益凭证,享有以下权益

    EPN is the Token of the Epiphany Ecosystem Sharing with Following Benefits


    Buy-back mechanism is set for EPN, and fixed amount is bought back and destroyed each month

  • 优质项目优先认购权(SUPER LABS)
    Preemptive Rights on Projects (SUPER LABS)
    如各投资方享有的为pro rata优先认购权,则各个轮次的投资方按其各自的持股比例行使优先认购权,互不影响。 但如各投资方享有的为super pro rata优先认购权(即便只有其中一个投资方享有super pro rata优先认购权, 从而应然地享有super pro rata优先认购权),为平衡各投资方的权益, 一般会约定各投资方按其各自的相对持股比例享有优先认购权 Investors will be given preemptive rights as per terms stated in the equity investment agreement. If all investors’ preemptive rights are on pro rata terms, then each investor would receive proportionate allocations on the right to purchase. Should there be at least one investor with super pro rata preemptive rights; an equality clause will be triggered and all other investors will enjoy super pro rata privileges. For the sake of fairness, all investors will then be allocated rights proportionate to the number of shares held.
  • 交易优惠(抵扣手续费/提现手续费)
    Discounts on Trading (Reduction of Service Charges for Trading / Withdrawal)
    平台用户如持有足额EPN,系统会对所需支付的手续费进行打折优惠(第一年50%,第二年25%,第三年12.5%,第四年6.75%,第五年无折扣),并按当时市值折算出等值EPN数量,使用EPN完成手续费的支付 Once a user has accumulated EPN over a preset amount, he/she would automatically be eligible for the discount (50% for the 1st year, 25% for the 2nd year, 12.5% for the 3rd year, 6.75% for the 4th year, and no discount for the 5th year) Service charge would first be converted into EPN units based on real time conversion rates and subsequently paid with EPN. Service charge for trading will be waived for qualified investors or investment institutions based in the USA (only certain states apply).
  • 回购权
    Buy-back Right
    每个季度平台将当季净利润的20%用于回购EPN,回购的EPN直接销毁,回购记录将会第一时间公布, 用户可通过区块链浏览器查询,确保公开透明,直至销毁到总量为1亿个EPN为止。 20% of each quarter’s net profits will be used by the platform to buy-back EPN in circulation. The bought-back EPN will be destroyed and records will be published at the first instance, and is available for viewing through the blockchain browser. The buy-back will take place quarterly until 100,000,000 EPN units are destroyed.
  • Epiphany盈利模式

    Revenue Streams for EPIPHANY

    Service Charges for Trades
    平台交易用户在进行数字资产买卖交易时,需向平台支付一定比例的手续费,平台运营初期统一收取 0.2%;后期根据运营情况、区块转账费率进行调整。同时根据用户历史交易量级别,设置不同手续费比例。 When trading digital assets on the platform, users need to pay a certain proportion of the trade as service charge. During early stages of EPIPHANY’s life cycle, it will be 0.2% which may be adjusted at later stages in accordance with operation conditions and block transfer rates. Tiered rates based on past transaction volume.
    Service Charges for Withdrawal
    用户在对数字资产进行提取操作时,需要支付平台一定数额的提现手续费。 When withdrawing digital assets, users need to pay a certain amount of service charge for the withdrawal. The charge is set by the asset project owner.
    Listing of Assets
    平台会不定期上线一些优质数字资产作为交易标的,并向数字资产推广团队收取一定数额的上线费。 The platform will charge a service fee for listing of assets on the exchange.
    Service Charge for Contract Trading
    后期平台会上线合约交易功能,支持合约交易,并向合约交易用户收取一定比例的手续费。 The platform will have contract trading function at a later stage, and will charge a certain amount of service charge from contract trading users.
    Underwriting Charge for Digital Assets
    后期平台会与合作方开展数字资产一级市场承销服务,收取一定比例的承销费用。 The platform will provide underwriting service in the primary market with cooperating parties at a later stage, and will charge a certain proportion of underwriting charge.
    System Use and Maintenance Fee
    自身资源输出获得的收入 Revenue generated from assets owned.


    Distribution Plan for EPN Tokens

    Total Distribution:

    500,000,000 EPN

    18%由天使投资机构参投 (已结束)
    18% to Angel investors and institutions (completed)
    出让12%由基金机构、投资银行、持牌科技金融公司、上市公司参与 (预计2018年4月)
    12% to funds, investments banks, licensed FinTech companies and other listed companies (April 2018)
    出让40%由基金机构、投资银行、持牌科技金融公司、上市公司参与 (预计2018年6月)
    40% to funds, investments banks, licensed FinTech companies and other listed companies (June 2018)


    Reward Plan for EPN

    用于社区建设、技术支持奖励 For community development and tech support
    用于顾问奖励 For consultants
    用于团队持有(包含运营管理、技术、商务) Held by the core management
    用于FA机构奖励 For FA Institute reward


    Capital Utilization Plan



    The New Era of Fintech
    2018 May 9th
       Amsterdam, Netherlands
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    The New Era of Economy
    2018 Apr 9th
       Stanford, CA
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    Epiphany Team


    Road Map



  • 2018 年 12 月 December 2018

    EPIPHANY 将上线欧洲交易节点平台、亚太区交易节点平台。并公开 2019 年 EPIPHANY 年度计划 EPIPHANY will launch the European node trading platform and the Asia-Pacific node trading platform, and will publicly announce the 2019 EPIPHANY Annual Plan

  • 2018 年 10 月 October 2018

    EPIPHANY 公布第二版商业白皮书 EPIPHANY will announce the second edition of commercial whitepaper

  • 三季度


  • 2018 年 9 月 September 2018

    EPIPHANY 将公布技术迭代计划、并启动 EPIPHANY 区块链底层主网开发 EPIPHANY will announce technical iteration plan and initiate EPIPHANY blockchain underlying main net development

  • 2018 年 8 月中旬 Mid-August 2018

    EPIPHANY 交易体系美国超级节点交易平台正式上线 The US super node trading platform of the EPIPHANY trading system will be formally launched

  • 2018 年 8 月中旬 Mid-August 2018

    EPIPHANY 进行 TOKEN 分发,并更新 EPIPHANY 体系成员机构信息 EPIPHANY will distribute TOKENs, and update member and institute information of the EPIPHANY ecosystem

  • 2018 年 8 月 9 日 Aug. 9, 2018

    EPIPHANY 与美国麻省理工(MIT)联合举办区块链学术论坛并进行上线发布会 EPIPHANY and Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) will jointly hold a blockchain academic forum and a launch event

  • 2018 年 7 月中旬 Mid-July 2018

    EPIPHANY 交易体系系统进入开放测试期,并提供 100 个测试 ID 邀请专业 用户参与开放测试 EPIPHANY trading system will enter an open beta period, and will provide 100 test IDs to invite professional users to participate in the open beta test

  • 二季度


  • 2018 年 6 月 10 日 June 10, 2018

    EPIPHANY 启动 B 轮融资,计划释放 40%的项目权益 EPIPHANY will launch Round-B financing and plan to release 40% of project equity

  • 2018 年 6 月初 Early June 2018

    EPIPHANY 交易体系系统进入开放测试期 EPIPHANY trading system will enter an open beta period

  • 2018 年 5 月 9 日 May 9, 2018

    EPIPHANY 与荷兰阿姆斯特丹国立大学联合举办区块链学术论坛 EPIPHANY and the University of Amsterdam in the Netherlands will jointly hold a blockchain academic forum

  • 2018 年 4 月 20 日 April 20, 2018

    EPIPHANY 交易体系系统进入封闭测试期 EPIPHANY trading system will enter a closed beta period

  • 2018 年 4 月 15 日 April 15, 2018

    EPIPHANY 启动全球交易节点战略合作计划 EPIPHANY will launch a Strategic Cooperation Plan for Global Trading Nodes

  • 2018 年 4 月 10 日 April 10, 2018

    EPIPHANY 启动 A 轮融资,计划释放 12%的项目权益 EPIPHANY will launch Round-A financing and release 12% of project equity

  • 2018 年 4 月 9 日 April 9, 2018

    EPIPHANY 与美国斯坦福大学在斯坦福大学医学院联合举办学术论坛并进行 首场项目路演 EPIPHANY and Stanford University jointly held an academic forum and the first project road show at the Stanford University School of Medicine

  • 2018 年 4 月 1 日 April 1, 2018

    EPIPHANY 官网上线 Official website of EPIPHANY was available on line

  • 一季度


  • 2018 年 3 月 5 日 March 5, 2018

    EPIPHANY 公布项目商业白皮书 EPIPHANY announced project commercial whitepaper

  • 2018 年 2 月 5 日 February 5, 2018

    EPIPHANY 完成 Pre-A 轮融资、释放 17.472%的项目权益 EPIPHANY completed Pre-A round of financing and released 17.472% of project equity

  • 2018 年 2 月 February 2018

    美国纽约州、加州、华盛顿州、德克萨斯州、北卡罗来纳州、伊利诺伊州、 亚利桑那州、蒙大拿州区块链科技公司、投资机构加入 EPIPHANY 体系 Blockchain technology companies and investment institutes from New York, California, Washington, Texas, North Carolina, Illinois, Arizona and Montana joined the EPIPHANY ecosystem

  • 2018 年 1 月 28 日 January 28, 2018

    正式组建技术研发团队、运营团队 Technical R&D Team and Operation Team were formally established

  • 北美时间 2018 年 1 月 27 日 21 时 12 分 January 27, 2018 (21:12 p.m. EST)

    EPIPHANY 在纽约发起 EPIPHANY was initiated in New York